The Tenth Grade requirement is designed to allow students to begin to shape their service-learning engagement based on their own interests and initiative.  They also begin the process of reflecting in a structured way on their engagement and learning.  

  • Tenth Graders are also required to participate in one Service-Learning Project. Students may choose from a pre-approved list for their Service-Learning Project or propose their own idea to the Tenth Grade Committee.

  • Tenth graders are also required to participate in two Reflections

    • At least one of these Reflections must be a scheduled Reflection meeting with other students, a faculty/staff member, and sometimes a guest presenter. 

    • The second can be a written Reflection, including an article in a school or outside publication; a presentation to a club or meeting; or a second Reflection meeting.

    • Reflection meetings will be announced via email throughout the year, including information on how to register if necessary. There is the potential for a required grade-wide reflection meeting.