By Eleventh Grade, students will have had significant experience to draw on; they will be making plans to take them through the second half of their Upper Division career.  The theme for the Eleventh Grade will be, In the course of your service-learning engagement, Where have you been and where are you going?

  • Eleventh Graders are required to participate in one Service-Learning Project. This project can be one begun the previous year or a new project.  Students can choose a new project from a pre-approved list of Service Learning Projects or by proposing their own idea to the Eleventh Grade Committee.

  • Eleventh Graders are also required to participate in two Reflections

    • At least one of these Reflections must be a scheduled Reflection meeting with other students, a faculty/staff member, and sometimes a guest presenter.   

    • The second can be a written Reflection, including an article in a school or outside publication; a presentation to a club or meeting; or a second Reflection meeting.

    • Reflection meetings will be announced via email throughout the year, including information on how to register if necessary. There is the potential for a required grade-wide reflection meeting.