As Twelfth Graders, students will continue to deepen their participation and learning in Senior year.  Our program will provide opportunities for capstone experiences, to reflect on and integrate the Upper Division service learning experience.

  • Students can continue with Projects begun the previous year, or take on a different project.  New projects can be chosen from a pre-approved list of projects or can be proposed to the Twelfth Grade Student/Faculty Committee. ***Seniors are strongly encouraged to continue and deepen their projects from previous years.***


  • In addition to their Projects, Twelfth Graders will participate in two Reflections. One reflection will be similar to those in 10th and 11th grades.  The second will be fulfilled through the Senior Service-Learning Exhibitions and Celebrations, to take place in the spring and throughout the year.  Through participation in panels, poster presentations, performances, and other modalities, students will demonstrate the activity and learning that they have experienced through the four years of the program.