Ninth Grade is a year for introduction to the Division’s service-learning programs and requirements. Students are required to participate in/attend three activities:  

  • Presentations by Dr. Leeds and CCVA staff in each HMO class on service-learning and the Upper Division requirements. (First Trimester)

  • The Ninth Grade Service-Learning Day, which takes place on Thursday, December 14, 2017. (Second Trimester)

  • One Reflection activity.  This will be a scheduled Reflection meeting with a group of other students, a faculty/staff member, and sometimes a guest presenter.  Reflections will be scheduled to take place after the Ninth Grade Service-Learning Day.  A schedule of Reflection meetings will be available in advance, and students will be requested to register in advance for each available session.

Ninth grade students will also have access to additional speakers and service programming sponsored by the CCVA throughout the course of their first year in the Upper Division.  Ninth grade students will also devote time during their first year to begin planning their Tenth Grade Projects.