Faculty: Dr. Tom Kelly and Dr. Jeremy Leeds

2017 – 2018

This class will be an “active seminar.”  We will read, discuss, debate, and participate in activities in school and beyond, as a group.  We will be functioning on two basic tracks: 

First, the traditionally academic. We will learn about ethical philosophies, concepts and systems, and explore and discuss a variety of issues from their vantage points.  

Second, the active and service-oriented.  We will be participating in a variety of initiatives that will give us the opportunity to use and reflect on ethics in action.  Under this heading, we have the potential to participate in projects with a variety of organizations; we might “create” our own community agency or school; and we will develop other ideas as the year progresses. 

Required Texts:  

Sandel, M. (2009).  Justice: What’s the right thing to do?

Lukes, Steven (2009). The curious enlightenment of Professor Caritat (2nd Ed.).  

Additional readings to be distributed in class by Dr. Leeds, Dr. Kelly, and/or enrolled students.