HuMANNitarian Student Spotlight - Gabrielle R.!

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Happy Tuesday! We're so honored to initiate our new student spotlight series with our very own Gabi R. (12)! Read through our short interview with Gabi below to learn more about her, why she loves service, and what "SLEARN" means to her!



What’s one fun fact about you?

I was in a Golden Globe nominated movie when I was eight years old.

Favorite subject in school?

My favorite subject in school is psychology. I love studying the way the mind works, and seeing the applications of this class in real life.

How many trimesters have you been a part of the Service-Learning Team or HM 246?

This will be my 10th trimester (!!!) on the team :)

What site do you work with? What activity?

I work with Kingsbridge Heights Community Center. I have actually never been to another site; all 10 trimesters have been spent at KHCC. I also currently work with Computer Coolness. Computer Coolness is a STEM group that runs only out of KHCC and has activities based only on computer science.

Discuss what your favorite activity has been that you’ve led during your time on the Service-Learning Team or HM 246?

My favorite activity I have led in my time on Slearn is Computer Coolness. I have loved getting to see this activity evolve and seeing how excited KHCC-goers are about getting to learn via the iPads.

How do you engage with service outside of HM?

Outside of HM, I am involved with Ashita-Tomorrow, a non-profit organization that supports high school students affected by the 2011 Great East Japan Earthquake & Tsunami as they pursue their goals. I am also involved with Operation Prom and the service opportunities within my temple.

What do you hope to study in college? What is your ideal job?

In college I hope to study the integration of language, computer-science and psychology. My dream job today, emphasis on TODAY (it differs by the day), is a product manager at Google.

What does Service-Learning mean to you?

To me, Service-Learning means engaging with the broader world and forming connections. I see Slearn as a means to merge and create new communities across zip codes, cultures, schools, etc. Slearn revolves around bridging gaps and bringing people together.