HuMANNitarian Student Spotlight - Chloe B.!


Happy Tuesday! We're thrilled to continue our new student spotlight series with our very own Chloe B. (12)! Read through our short interview with Chloe below to learn more about her, why she loves service, and what "SLEARN" means to her!


What’s one fun fact about you?

I got a ukulele for my last birthday and am teaching myself how to play by watching an excess of Youtube tutorials.

 Favorite subject in school?

I’d say that my favorite subject would be psychology or English. I enjoy how both involve close analysis and how both examine the human experience. I enjoy that both of these classes are conversation based and interactive.

How many trimesters have you been a part of the Service-Learning Team or HM 246?

This fall trimester (concluding next week) was my 7th trimester on the Service-Learning Team.

What site do you work with? What activity?

I work with P.S. 37 and the activity I take part in is music.

Discuss what your favorite activity has been that you’ve led during your time on the Service-Learning Team or HM 246?

If I had to pick one specific activity that I’ve led of which I  enjoyed the most, I would probably choose teaching the kids how to play simple songs on the xylophones. Seeing the concept of scale click in them, and then watching them apply this concept to the act of playing the xylophone, was really special to watch. I love the fact that they are so excited and satisfied with themselves when they nail the task.

How do you engage with service outside of HM?

In and out of school I work in support of cancer awareness, promoting the cause and its importance, as well as building allies for those fighting.

What do you hope to study in college? What is your ideal job?

In college, I hope to continue studying psychology, as well as other subjects under the broader “humanities umbrella” such as philosophy and sociology. I don’t know yet what I want to do when I’m older, but I know that I’d love it to combine my love for service with my interest in psychology and the human experience. There are many different jobs where I could be working with people in a meaningful way, and I hope to streamline exactly what I want to do during my college years.

What does Service-Learning mean to you?

Service-Learning is such an important part of my life and has undoubtedly changed my perspective on what it means to be part of a community. Participating in service-learning made me come to the conclusion that I want to make an impact in each community I reside in, versus standing idly by waiting for someone else to improve the community. Service-learning has given me the opportunity to interact with people that I never would have interacted with, and forming those connections, I believe, has made me a more wholesome person.