Our Mission

The Center for Community Values and Action was founded in 2006 to promote and strengthen the connections between ethics, education and action at Horace Mann School and in our wider communities. The center fulfills its mission by teaching classes, engaging in community action, developing programs, and providing resources. The mission requires both the development of new ideas and innovative strategies as well as the expansion and support of existing programs at the school. All of our activities aim to promote the personal qualities and social contexts that will create caring, socially responsible young people who are aware of their interdependence in the world. 

Our Six Service-Learning Values

Relationships and community: Service-learning starts with connection between the school and our wider world, most importantly between students and partner program participants.

Collaboration and continuity: Service-learning is about working together, over time.

Understanding wider contexts: Service-learning creates opportunities to understand the world by participating in it.

Creativity and initiative: Service-learning is about making an idea a reality, and making an experience your own.

Balance of structure and improvisation: Service-learning is about addressing specific needs with planned activity.  It also creates the opportunity for surprises, and the need for agility.

Creating positive impact for all participants: Service-learning connects education with actual needs, problems and issues.  Expect that your participation will have meaningful impact - on the world, and on you.

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