HM 246

Horace Mann School opens its doors to our partner agencies for student-led activities on Wednesday afternoons during the academic year. Upper Division students have initiated a wide variety of exciting and educational programs, which they offer to participants in Grades 3-8 from our partner agencies and institutions.  The activities are service-learning projects developed by the students.  Staff from both HM and our partners are present to supervise the program. HM 246: the name signifies that we’re up the block, around the corner, on 246th Street in the Bronx.  Come join us on Wednesdays! For more information, please call 718 432-4152 or email

United Classrooms

United Classrooms aims to teach middle school students about Model United Nations, Debate, public speaking and international relations. We hope the program will include our students’ participation in the United Nations School’s Model UN conference, and a personal tour of the United Nations.

Fashion Design Club x Service Learning

FDC is a project dedicated to helping kids expand their creative horizons through arts, crafts and design projects. Over the course of the program, we will be teaching young students different skills including the art of collaging, pattern making, and fashion design. Our goal for the project is to teach kids about the value of self-expression and individuality through clothing, as well as to encourage exploration of fashion, a frequently underappreciated form of art. By the end of the program, the students will come away with completed projects, including conceptual clothing patterns and design sketches, as well as more simple, crafty projects. Our goal is to complete approximately 2-3 projects per month, sticking to seasonal themes, and we will shape our curriculum based on student feedback. We hope the students we work with will leave with fond memories of the art of fashion and a newfound sense of confidence in illustration and design.

Music Production and Technology

The Music Production and Technology program allows music lovers to grow as artists in the recording studio at Horace Mann. Each week, students will be analyzing songs of any genre and breaking down what makes them interesting, as well as creating their own original music. While the ability to play an instrument is not required, a passion for music is. At the end of our time together, the goal is for each student to have an mp3 file of a finished song.