What is a Reflection activity?

All experience, including community service and action, contains the potential for learning.  

The reflection component of service-learning is an intentional process, that makes learning explicit.  Service-learning is not complete without the opportunity to “take a step back” to think about your engagement.  Our Reflection program is designed to open a wide range of learning opportunities, from discussions with other students to hearing from recognized experts; from writing an article to speaking on a panel; from raising questions, to stating strong opinions.  

Each Tenth or Eleventh Grade student is required to participate in two Reflection activities each year.  One of these must be a scheduled Reflection Group with other students, a faculty member, and sometimes a guest presenter.  To see the Reflection schedule for this academic year please click here.  The second reflection can be...

  1. participation in a second scheduled Reflection group (see above),
  2. a written reflection, submitted to the CCVA office, or,
  3. another approved form of introspection that takes place in the course of service.  Some possibilities are : an article in a school or outside publication, participation in a panel discussion, explanation of a service/action program to potential new participants.

Twelfth Graders will have the opportunity to help facilitate Reflections for Tenth and Eleventh Grade students.  They will also have to participate in at least one Service-Learning Exhibition and Celebration over the course of their senior year.

Student Thoughts on Reflections

“I’ve always thought about the work I’ve done, but this was the first time I thought about what this project has taught me.”
“I really had to think about why I was doing my project, and was pleased with what I found.”
“Learning about other people’s projects was really amazing. I had no idea HM students were this involved.”